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La Dolce Doodad Launch

Doodad and Fandango hosted a launch for brand-new collection ‘La Dolce Doodad’ at Courtesy of the Artist Loft in Strand Arcade on September 7th. Known for bold statement pieces, and a favourite of celeb’s, Doodad and Fandango jewellery has been seen on the likes of Miley CyrusBoy George and Mel B just to name a few!

Doodad and Fandango

Art-inspired design

Doodad and Fandango always make a statement with gorgeous designs in vibrant hues and feminist undertones, and designer Nikita Margarita’s jewellery catches the eye and demands to be the centrepiece of any ensemble. Designed and hand assembled in Sydney, Australia, fabulous earrings and necklaces are created in meticulously laid pieces of Perspex and laminate, super light and super comfortable to wear!

Doodad and Fandango

Super bling jewellery

La Dolce Doodad, along with all Doodad and Fandango designs, are produced and manufactured locally and infuse a pop-art/performance art vibe along with inspirations from global travels. This collection reflects Nikita’s passion for the history and culture of Italy: hand-crafted objects, trompe l’oeil designs, Italian architecture and beautifully coloured beach umbrella’s!

Doodad and Fandango

Accessories that demand attention

Celebrations were happening all round on launch night, as Vogue’s Fashion Night Out was in full swing in Pitt St Mall. The La Dolce Doodad launch was sponsored by Solerno – who provided amazingly delicious blood-orange cocktails – and Rococo Flowers gorgeous floral arrangements.

Check out @doodad_and_fandango on Instagram and grab yourself a one-of-a-kind piece of awesomeness. Doodad and Fandango also create custom design pieces and doppelgänger accessories.

La Dolce Doodad Launch @mad_fash Insta

La Dolce Doodad Launch @mad_fash Insta

La Dolce Doodad Launch @mad_fash Insta

Cheers! Jenni & Claudia Siron @mad_fash Insta

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European Summer Style Inspo


Be inspired by a European Summer

Be inspired by a European Summer

After a fabulous trip overseas, it’s hard not to take note of the hot fashion trends in some of the world’s most fashionable cities. It was a scorching summer in Europe this June and July, full of sexy ensembles, and it would be rude not to take some of this influence back to Oz! Trotting my way through almost twenty different cities, I’ve narrowed it down to my five top style destinations and included some hot tips for our very own summer wardrobes!

Paris ~

I spent most of my trip in France and it really was as fabulous as the Hollywood movies make it out to be. Paris is obviously the highlight when it comes to fashion! The Parisians have a way of always keeping it sweet and simple when it comes to their style choices – basic colour schemes and non-complicated patterns are constantly in style. What really stood out for me was the simple singlet tops with loose three-quarter pants, styled up with a hair piece to finish the look. Some women had bandanas, some had hair clips or flower crowns, just to spice it up a little. I met this girl (below) in Boulogne (just outside of Paris) at La Fete de la Musique, and I couldn’t help but ask to take her photo – I have never met someone so Parisian!

Parisian Style

Photography: Claudia Siron Model: Solene

London ~

London is home to the wildest and whackiest of fashion choices. The city of daring style has always had an underlying modern punk theme. Unlike France, the outfit choices are much more extravagant, detailed and complicated. A girlfriend I met up with who has a cool, innovative and individualistic style, really fit right into the London fashion vibe. This look she had in particular really stood out. Loads of jewellery/accessories with a more simple top and skirt, paired with knee high platform boots.

London Style

Photography: Olivia Bonato Model: Lillian Scott

Rome ~

Italy in summer is HOT. I noticed many women, including myself, wore layers. Hats, shoals, light cardigans and umbrellas were the trend. It’s a lot of light layers for sun protection yet adding chic style to accompany short dresses.

Rome fashion

Photography: Claudia Siron Model: Olivia Bonato

Florence ~

Florence, compared to Rome and Venice’s urban-wear, has a tuscan-country vibe.  This summer I spotted a lot of floral patterns for almost any outfit choice. There was also a strong repetition of white and red. It felt like the classic go-to summer look for Florence and I was a huge fan. All of the girls I was with wore long, floral summer dresses from home or found in the markets in the centre of Florence.

Florence Style

Photography: Claudia Siron Model: Olivia Bonato

Prague ~

Forget those sweet floral prints you would find in Italy. Prague summer fashion is more similar to the French; it’s quite simple and elegant. Yet, I find a more masculine way of dressing there. Plenty of denim, t-shirts and pant-suits. White, blue and grey was a common colour combination, and the warm scenery and views enhanced the cooler, muted tones found in the women’s style. It’s a nice balance but there is definitely more colour to be found in other parts of Europe.

Prague style

Photography: Claudia Siron Model: Aleisha Newberry

This classic dress I saw in EVERY country ~

The classic blue and white striped off-the-shoulder dress. Some women wore a top version pairing it with their skirt or jeans, but the dress was the most popular choice. I am a huge fan of off-the-shoulder: it’s one of the sexiest and more flattering style items, especially for women with broad shoulders. I just had to buy myself one and it was totally worth it! I will definitely be bringing out this European style essential for Summer in Sydney.

Parisian stripe dress

Photography: Lillian Scott Model: Claudia Siron

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The Innovators: Part 2

So just who were these incredibly talented designers?? READ ON ->

EWOL Extraordinarily colourful designs, bursting with enthusiasm that lit up the runway.

Richard Giang Super sexy designs, with sophisticated polish.

the innovators fashion show 2017

Richard Giang designs

Yohana Beautiful prints that told a divine story all their own.

AKLE Dreamy garments, sequins, florals and creative use of layering.

the innovators design studio runway

Casea designs

Casea Beautifully constructed garments, gorgeous floral embellishments and a delicate attention to detail.

A.N.X. Strong, bold designs that would empower any wearer!

Handsy designs

Handsy designs

Handsy Bold swimwear not afraid to make a statement – including “Handsy when you’re horny“.

Fashion Design

Richard Giang designs

shoes fashion


*Photography credits: Getty Images.

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