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Happy V Day – AstroStyle

Queen Hearts Valentine's Day Love

The Queen of Hearts. Dreaming Vibrations Runway

Happy Valentine’s Day Lovers! <3 Hope you are feeling the love! This month I have Astro-style inspiration for you – because who doesn’t need a little star-crossed love in their life?! Take inspo from your sign’s style & enjoy the most romantic day of the year :)

Aries Archetype: The impulsive Ram – nothing is too much!! Glitter up your face, go for a sequinned blouse and black pants.

Taurus Archetype: The sensuous Bull – ruled by Venus, this is definitely your day! Think tactile satin’s, velvet or suede.

Gemini Archetype: The flirtatious Twin – let your fun, communicative personality take centre stage. Go for a bold Logo tee paired with a romantic skirt & sneakers.

Cancer Archetype: The nurturing Crab – soft fabrics, and accessories you can wrap yourself up in – like a pretty scarf or stole.

Leo Archetype: The Royal Lioness – you absolutely love to be adored and need a VIP worthy dress-suit or cocktail gown. Anything black-tie!

Virgo Archetype: The supportive Maiden – yep, you’re a perfectionist! Go for an ideal figure-hugging gown with heels, or super flowy chiffon.

Libra Archetype: The sociable Scales – charming and laid-back, you can rock a frilly dress with kitten heels or jeans & a tee.

Scorpio Archetype: The sexy Scorpion – black, magical & charming. Lace peppered with a little sparkle and layers.

Sagittarius Archetype: The worldly Archer – something comfortable & versatile, so you are ready for any adventure at the drop of a hat. Literally.

Capricorn Archetype: The stable Goat – only luxury will do! Italian shoes & super sophisticated attire set the scene for date-night.

Aquarius Archetype: The rebellious Water Bearer – edgy, on trend and may just go viral! Definitely calls for Insta-worthy outfit goals.

Pisces Archetype: The romantic Fishes – beautiful pastels or neon brights – anything that will transport you & your lover to another realm.

*To add further depth & contrast to your style, draw inspiration from your sun, moon & rising signs! xx

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Shiny Disco Balls

Shiny Disco Balls Make-Up

Collage by Quinnie Mason. Make-up by Tatiana Rose

What is luxurious to you in the fashion stakes? Is it a cute designer find? Do you covet GucciBalenciagaPrada? Do you love the thrill of thrifting; scoping that one-off piece made in the 80’s and still in perfect condition. Perusing artisanal designer markets? Online shopping? The list of options for building our wardrobe is endless and that is why it is so important to adopt personal style! Don’t chase those trends or worse, be a blind victim to a system in absolute upheaval.

Think about it – what is it about that item you crave; the one you just have to have? Is it glamorous inspiring fabrics, a celebrity endorsement, architectural style silhouettes, shiny embellishments? Do you know what looks good on you? Do you seek honest feedback? Sorry for all the questions but it’s super important to know what you j’adore! And by incorporating these elements into your everyday wardrobe, you will feel like a star.

Because everyday is a fucking party worth celebrating. And you have to truly believe that! xx

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The Colour of Emotion

Sunday Blues Nail Varnish

Got me some Sunday Blues (@mad_fash Insta)

What is your favourite colour? It probably says a lot about you! From your personality and preferences to the way you interact and communicate with others, and of course, to the way you dress.

Colour is such a powerful tool when it comes to self-expression and style, and you don’t really need me to tell you that! The way you present yourself can go a long way in projecting the messages you want to send. We associate red with passion or anger, yellow with hope/cheer, and blue with serenity for example. Shades definitely make a difference and you can have too much of a good thing, so keep it subtle. But see the emotional connections? Super-charge your wardrobe and put a little mind behind your style. Here’s a super-quick guide to a colourfully new you:

Green: Refreshing

Yellow: Cheery

Purple: Royal & stately

White: Invigorating, spacious

Blue: Tranquil & calming

Red: Passionate & bold

Black: Sophisticated, dramatic

Grey: Neutral & refined

Beige: Delicate, luxurious

Take it with a grain of salt – many factors come into play when it comes to successful & effective communication: ie. the biggies body language and tone of voice – but have fun & experiment with the colours you may not normally consider. See what happens! Go bold for your next job interview or date, or try some calming vibes at work.

Pic (above):

* Blue Nail Varnish Decjuba

Lily Drop Earrings Witchery

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