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Queen Hearts Valentine's Day Love

The Queen of Hearts. Dreaming Vibrations Runway

Happy Valentine’s Day Lovers! <3 Hope you are feeling the love! This month I have Astro-style inspiration for you – because who doesn’t need a little star-crossed love in their life?! Take inspo from your sign’s style & enjoy the most romantic day of the year :)

Aries Archetype: The impulsive Ram – nothing is too much!! Glitter up your face, go for a sequinned blouse and black pants.

Taurus Archetype: The sensuous Bull – ruled by Venus, this is definitely your day! Think tactile satin’s, velvet or suede.

Gemini Archetype: The flirtatious Twin – let your fun, communicative personality take centre stage. Go for a bold Logo tee paired with a romantic skirt & sneakers.

Cancer Archetype: The nurturing Crab – soft fabrics, and accessories you can wrap yourself up in – like a pretty scarf or stole.

Leo Archetype: The Royal Lioness – you absolutely love to be adored and need a VIP worthy dress-suit or cocktail gown. Anything black-tie!

Virgo Archetype: The supportive Maiden – yep, you’re a perfectionist! Go for an ideal figure-hugging gown with heels, or super flowy chiffon.

Libra Archetype: The sociable Scales – charming and laid-back, you can rock a frilly dress with kitten heels or jeans & a tee.

Scorpio Archetype: The sexy Scorpion – black, magical & charming. Lace peppered with a little sparkle and layers.

Sagittarius Archetype: The worldly Archer – something comfortable & versatile, so you are ready for any adventure at the drop of a hat. Literally.

Capricorn Archetype: The stable Goat – only luxury will do! Italian shoes & super sophisticated attire set the scene for date-night.

Aquarius Archetype: The rebellious Water Bearer – edgy, on trend and may just go viral! Definitely calls for Insta-worthy outfit goals.

Pisces Archetype: The romantic Fishes – beautiful pastels or neon brights – anything that will transport you & your lover to another realm.

*To add further depth & contrast to your style, draw inspiration from your sun, moon & rising signs! xx