Shiny Disco Balls

Shiny Disco Balls Make-Up

Collage by Quinnie Mason. Make-up by Tatiana Rose

What is luxurious to you in the fashion stakes? Is it a cute designer find? Do you covet GucciBalenciagaPrada? Do you love the thrill of thrifting; scoping that one-off piece made in the 80’s and still in perfect condition. Perusing artisanal designer markets? Online shopping? The list of options for building our wardrobe is endless and that is why it is so important to adopt personal style! Don’t chase those trends or worse, be a blind victim to a system in absolute upheaval.

Think about it – what is it about that item you crave; the one you just have to have? Is it glamorous inspiring fabrics, a celebrity endorsement, architectural style silhouettes, shiny embellishments? Do you know what looks good on you? Do you seek honest feedback? Sorry for all the questions but it’s super important to know what you j’adore! And by incorporating these elements into your everyday wardrobe, you will feel like a star.

Because everyday is a fucking party worth celebrating. And you have to truly believe that! xx