The Colour of Emotion

Sunday Blues Nail Varnish

Got me some Sunday Blues (@mad_fash Insta)

What is your favourite colour? It probably says a lot about you! From your personality and preferences to the way you interact and communicate with others, and of course, to the way you dress.

Colour is such a powerful tool when it comes to self-expression and style, and you don’t really need me to tell you that! The way you present yourself can go a long way in projecting the messages you want to send. We associate red with passion or anger, yellow with hope/cheer, and blue with serenity for example. Shades definitely make a difference and you can have too much of a good thing, so keep it subtle. But see the emotional connections? Super-charge your wardrobe and put a little mind behind your style. Here’s a super-quick guide to a colourfully new you:

Green: Refreshing

Yellow: Cheery

Purple: Royal & stately

White: Invigorating, spacious

Blue: Tranquil & calming

Red: Passionate & bold

Black: Sophisticated, dramatic

Grey: Neutral & refined

Beige: Delicate, luxurious

Take it with a grain of salt – many factors come into play when it comes to successful & effective communication: ie. the biggies body language and tone of voice – but have fun & experiment with the colours you may not normally consider. See what happens! Go bold for your next job interview or date, or try some calming vibes at work.

Pic (above):

* Blue Nail Varnish Decjuba

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