The Colour of Emotion

Sunday Blues Nail Varnish

Got me some Sunday Blues*

What is your favourite colour? It probably says a lot about you! From your personality and preferences to the way you interact and communicate with others, and of course, to the way you dress.

Colour is such a powerful tool when it comes to self-expression and style, and you don’t really need me to tell you that! The way you present yourself can go a long way in projecting the messages you want to send. We associate red with passion or anger, yellow with hope/cheer, and blue with serenity for example. Shades definitely make a difference and you can have too much of a good thing, so keep it subtle. But see the emotional connections? Super-charge your wardrobe and put a little mind behind your style. Here’s a super-quick guide to a colourfully new you:

Green: Refreshing

Yellow: Cheery

Purple: Royal & stately

White: Invigorating, spacious

Blue: Tranquil & calming

Red: Passionate & bold

Black: Sophisticated, dramatic

Grey: Neutral & refined

Beige: Delicate, luxurious

Take it with a grain of salt – many factors come into play when it comes to successful & effective communication: ie. the biggies body language and tone of voice – but have fun & experiment with the colours you may not normally consider. See what happens! Go bold for your next job interview or date, or try some calming vibes at work!

Blue Nail Varnish by Decjuba & Lily Drop Earrings by Witchery.