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La Dolce Doodad Launch

Doodad and Fandango hosted a launch for brand-new collection ‘La Dolce Doodad’ at Courtesy of the Artist Loft in Strand Arcade on September 7th. Known for bold statement pieces, and a favourite of celeb’s, Doodad and Fandango jewellery has been seen on the likes of Miley CyrusBoy George and Mel B just to name a few!

Doodad and Fandango

Art-inspired design

Doodad and Fandango always make a statement with gorgeous designs in vibrant hues and feminist undertones, and designer Nikita Margarita’s jewellery catches the eye and demands to be the centrepiece of any ensemble. Designed and hand assembled in Sydney, Australia, fabulous earrings and necklaces are created in meticulously laid pieces of Perspex and laminate, super light and super comfortable to wear!

Doodad and Fandango

Super bling jewellery

La Dolce Doodad, along with all Doodad and Fandango designs, are produced and manufactured locally and infuse a pop-art/performance art vibe along with inspirations from global travels. This collection reflects Nikita’s passion for the history and culture of Italy: hand-crafted objects, trompe l’oeil designs, Italian architecture and beautifully coloured beach umbrella’s!

Doodad and Fandango

Accessories that demand attention

Celebrations were happening all round on launch night, as Vogue’s Fashion Night Out was in full swing in Pitt St Mall. The La Dolce Doodad launch was sponsored by Solerno – who provided amazingly delicious blood-orange cocktails – and Rococo Flowers gorgeous floral arrangements.

Check out @doodad_and_fandango on Instagram and grab yourself a one-of-a-kind piece of awesomeness. Doodad and Fandango also create custom design pieces and doppelgänger accessories.

La Dolce Doodad Launch @mad_fash Insta

La Dolce Doodad Launch @mad_fash Insta

La Dolce Doodad Launch @mad_fash Insta

Cheers! Jenni & Claudia Siron @mad_fash Insta

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European Summer Style Inspo


Be inspired by a European Summer

Be inspired by a European Summer

After a fabulous trip overseas, it’s hard not to take note of the hot fashion trends in some of the world’s most fashionable cities. It was a scorching summer in Europe this June and July, full of sexy ensembles, and it would be rude not to take some of this influence back to Oz! Trotting my way through almost twenty different cities, I’ve narrowed it down to my five top style destinations and included some hot tips for our very own summer wardrobes!

Paris ~

I spent most of my trip in France and it really was as fabulous as the Hollywood movies make it out to be. Paris is obviously the highlight when it comes to fashion! The Parisians have a way of always keeping it sweet and simple when it comes to their style choices – basic colour schemes and non-complicated patterns are constantly in style. What really stood out for me was the simple singlet tops with loose three-quarter pants, styled up with a hair piece to finish the look. Some women had bandanas, some had hair clips or flower crowns, just to spice it up a little. I met this girl (below) in Boulogne (just outside of Paris) at La Fete de la Musique, and I couldn’t help but ask to take her photo – I have never met someone so Parisian!

Parisian Style

Photography: Claudia Siron Model: Solene

London ~

London is home to the wildest and whackiest of fashion choices. The city of daring style has always had an underlying modern punk theme. Unlike France, the outfit choices are much more extravagant, detailed and complicated. A girlfriend I met up with who has a cool, innovative and individualistic style, really fit right into the London fashion vibe. This look she had in particular really stood out. Loads of jewellery/accessories with a more simple top and skirt, paired with knee high platform boots.

London Style

Photography: Olivia Bonato Model: Lillian Scott

Rome ~

Italy in summer is HOT. I noticed many women, including myself, wore layers. Hats, shoals, light cardigans and umbrellas were the trend. It’s a lot of light layers for sun protection yet adding chic style to accompany short dresses.

Rome fashion

Photography: Claudia Siron Model: Olivia Bonato

Florence ~

Florence, compared to Rome and Venice’s urban-wear, has a tuscan-country vibe.  This summer I spotted a lot of floral patterns for almost any outfit choice. There was also a strong repetition of white and red. It felt like the classic go-to summer look for Florence and I was a huge fan. All of the girls I was with wore long, floral summer dresses from home or found in the markets in the centre of Florence.

Florence Style

Photography: Claudia Siron Model: Olivia Bonato

Prague ~

Forget those sweet floral prints you would find in Italy. Prague summer fashion is more similar to the French; it’s quite simple and elegant. Yet, I find a more masculine way of dressing there. Plenty of denim, t-shirts and pant-suits. White, blue and grey was a common colour combination, and the warm scenery and views enhanced the cooler, muted tones found in the women’s style. It’s a nice balance but there is definitely more colour to be found in other parts of Europe.

Prague style

Photography: Claudia Siron Model: Aleisha Newberry

This classic dress I saw in EVERY country ~

The classic blue and white striped off-the-shoulder dress. Some women wore a top version pairing it with their skirt or jeans, but the dress was the most popular choice. I am a huge fan of off-the-shoulder: it’s one of the sexiest and more flattering style items, especially for women with broad shoulders. I just had to buy myself one and it was totally worth it! I will definitely be bringing out this European style essential for Summer in Sydney.

Parisian stripe dress

Photography: Lillian Scott Model: Claudia Siron

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The Innovators: Part 2

So just who were these incredibly talented designers?? READ ON ->

EWOL Extraordinarily colourful designs, bursting with enthusiasm that lit up the runway.

Richard Giang Super sexy designs, with sophisticated polish.

the innovators fashion show 2017

Richard Giang designs

Yohana Beautiful prints that told a divine story all their own.

AKLE Dreamy garments, sequins, florals and creative use of layering.

the innovators design studio runway

Casea designs

Casea Beautifully constructed garments, gorgeous floral embellishments and a delicate attention to detail.

A.N.X. Strong, bold designs that would empower any wearer!

Handsy designs

Handsy designs

Handsy Bold swimwear not afraid to make a statement – including “Handsy when you’re horny“.

Fashion Design

Richard Giang designs

shoes fashion


*Photography credits: Getty Images.

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The Innovators: Part 1

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2017

#MBFWA 2017

Absolutely loved The Innovators Fashion Show held as part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia at Carriageworks. With works on display by graduate designers of the Fashion Design Studio in Sydney, The Innovators runway was resplendently captivating – not least due to the pure passion and creativity that emerged on the runway.

design by EWOL

EWOL designs

akle design

AKLE designs

The energy and enthusiasm of the runway was contagious and a whole lot of support came from the audience, enraptured with a new take on what fashion can be – a celebration of ideals.

yohana design

Yohana designs

A.N.X. designs

A.N.X. designs

From extraordinary prints and intricate embellishments to statement outfits, each designer bought their own unique perspective to the runway, backed up by a rich display of craftsmanship.

amaze shoes

Them shoes though!

Showcasing original thinking and a striving for perfectionism in technique, each designer made the runway an absolute delight. The Innovators Fashion Show was an absolute highlight of Fashion Week and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

EWOL delights

EWOL sparkles


See more from The Innovators here.


*Photography credits (bar top) Getty Images.

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Style Icons | Sex & The City Recap


As it’s been almost twenty years since the first episode of Sex & The City graced our screens, our four favourite ladies have remained some of the strongest style icons of our time. The series is a renowned go-to-guide for TV-series fashion and serious style-seeker glam.  The four women have their own distinct personalities that balance out each other’s style; and it’s their character, attitude and poise – whilst living in NYC – that truly makes them shine, and makes for some entertaining fashion-forward TV. Here’s our breakdown of the fab four ladies style.

Sex & the City

Carrie Bradshaw Style

Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie is a mix of the other three besties – whilst rockin’ her own truly unique look. She can be tomboy-ish like Miranda, timeless like Charlotte and fierce like Samantha. To pin-point Carrie’s style: it’s very New York and girl-next-door fusion. She might wear an extravagant gown, and then pair it with a down-play relaxed-fit cardi. She’s definitely full of surprises, and with her choice of attire, she dresses for herself; whether that’s to suit her mood, her day or relationship status.

Carrie’s Go-To Look: There have been numerous occasions where Carrie is caught going crop-top – she really pulls it off!

Colour Palette: Carrie wears autumn tones. These are rich reds, oranges and pinks with earthy gold and brown undertones. She’s is a fan of wearing patterns and layers which is very suited to an autumn theme.

Sex & the City 2017

Classic Charlotte York

Charlotte York

Charlotte is the Audrey Hepburn or Elizabeth Taylor of the group. She channels soft colours and summer dresses at any possible moment. Her fashion is classic and timeless – if she had a daughter in a parallel universe it would be Blaire Waldorf. Charlotte is the girl next door. Her character is very composed, holds traditional morals and values and can be quite protective and precious at times. She stands up for what she believes in, and yet has the great mentality to alter her ways of being for the people she loves.  Hello, she became a Jew.

Charlotte’s Go-To Look: Summer dresses galore! Traditional upper-east side mentality with a modern twist.

Colour Palette: Charlotte glamorises spring chic colour tones. She wears peaches, butter cream and silver peony.

Sex & the City Samantha Jones

Sexy Samantha Jones

Samantha Jones

The seductive and sassy Samantha has maintained a strong, fierce style throughout the series and Sex & The City films. She is probably one of the most beloved characters – just for her ridiculously confident attitude towards men, sex, femininity and fashion – so pretty much her whole life! Although she musters a huge amount of bravado that doesn’t always agree with everyone, she does keep her taste chic and tasteful. Having said that – confidence is one of the sexiest components to pulling off any grand ensemble.

Samantha’s Go-To Look: Spaghetti–strap midi-dress.

Colour Palette: Samantha channels summer fashion and an exposure of shoulders, décolletage and legs at any chance she gets!  She sports a bold palette, shying away from softer summer hues, and most like Carrie, wears a rich variety of colour – especially red.

Miranda Sex & the City

Inspirational Miranda Hobbes

Miranda Hobbes

Miranda’s style is perhaps the most conservative and masculine of the four women. She is a lawyer after all, and her style reflects the needs of her career. Her go-to colour is black and dark royal blue. She has a sarcastic sense of humour, and a blunt, matter-of-fact style that represents her perspective on life – especially the way men should be. If you have watched the series front-to-back, you will agree that many of her choices in men have been powerful and financially stable types, and yet somewhat assholes that don’t stick around for too long. As soon as she meets a nice guy like Steve or Robert, they sneakily leech into her heart, as much as she may say she hates it.

Miranda’s Go-To Look: Turtlenecks and conservative business-wear.

Colour Palette: She loves black! Miranda goes for the winter hues, preferring deep colours – and doesn’t usually expose that much skin.

Who are you most like??

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Hosting the Perfect Girls Night in Style


What’s better than having a girl’s night in (or out) with cocktails, amazing food and catching up on good old times?! Probably sleeping; but let’s face it – you can get to that after tax time is due! Here is your guide to hosting your next girl’s night with super-stylish aplomb.

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland Style

Winter Wonderland – image via Pinterest

Okay, we are now officially in winter! Embrace it, and host your next girl’s night in with a winter-themed wonderland…

Drinks: Warm and sweet liqueurs are a must when pairing your alcoholic beverages with winter food. Think mulled wine, baileys and hot-buttered rum cocktails. For a modern taste, try expresso martinis or alcoholic chai lattes.

Food: For savoury – go for hearty, full-carb dishes such as warm salad bowls or slow cooked meals. For dessert, a must-have is sticky date pudding with burnt caramel sauce.

What to Wear: A look from ‘Friends‘ i.e. Monica and Rachel. Turtle necks, tights and plaid skirts with oversized jackets.

Something Extra: Set the scene with a warm fire going, or some winter-fragrance candles around the sitting area. Australian handmade Glasshouse candles has something on offer for everyone – amazing scented candles that set the vibe – we love ‘Tahaa‘ (vanilla caramel), or scents like pine, ash and birch.

Sleepover Party

Classy Sleepover Party

Sleepover grown-up style!

Re-wind the clock and host a classic, old-school slumber party – only this time with must-have cocktails and grown-up views.

Drinks: To bring back childhood memories, why not make up some imaginatively-inspired cocktails? Turn Tim Tams, fairy bread and zooper-doopers into a drunken dream. Get your inspiration here.

Food: Binge-watching food such as buttered popcorn, guacamole and chips and chocolate-inspired treats. If you’re really getting in the mood why not try making your own home made ice cream and get creative with some quirky combinations.

What to Wear: I think this is a safe place to wear the comfiest of attire. By this I mean our pj’s and uggs. Keep it stylish, and wear your favourite Peter Alexander pajama set or a cute night-gown.

Something Extra: Sex and the City marathon – duh! And face masks of course.

Dinner Party

Dinner party - image via E! Online

Dinner party – image via E! Online

A great excuse to mingle with girlfriend’s, wearing that black dress you’ve been dying to wear out.

Drinks: Cocktails of course. Lime margaritas, lychee martinis and classic mojitos.

Food: Canapés are a must. Try seafood or a cold meat antipasto and cheese plate. Light canapés such as cucumber cups, seared salmon or even good ol’ pigs-in-a-blanket are great for a classic dinner party menu.

What to Wear: Your fave cocktail dress – you know the one!

Something Extra: Trivia can sound like a boring social activity, but making up your very own customised version that surrounds the lives of your friends will make it fun, personal and probably hilarious: “What year did Tracey lose her virginity?

Rooftop BBQ

Rooftop Bbq MadFash

Bff invites only for an intimate rooftop soiree

A cosy BBQ with girlfriends and hearty food is always a must, and usually provides a good turn out.

Drinks: Ciders and Moscow Mule are a great pair with BBQ food.

Food: The all-time favourites such as prawn skewers, sausages and haloumi salad. For something different to suit the cooler season, try stuffed butter-nut squash or kebabs.

What to Wear: Your favourite coat or scarf is the feature item here. Go for a warm winter palette, including plum and  mulberry hues.

Something Extra: Hiring out a rooftop or using a friend’s rooftop at their apartment block is perfect for a BBQ with an urban view. The city lights will transform the evening to picture perfect!

Bar and Beyond

Sex and the City Bar

Our fave – Sex and the City

In need of a dance and a let-loose? This is the perfect option for you.

Drinks: Shots, cocktails, wines and (I probably should be saying “or”) champagne.

 Food: Appetizers such as bruschetta, chips and dip and soft-shell tacos are nice and light and won’t make you feel uncomfortably pregnant in your tight dress.

What to Wear: Feeling seductive? – a night-club midi dress. For a more conservative look opt for a matching two-piece set. If you’re using block colours, embellish with a piece of statement jewellery.

Something Extra: To keep it a girl’s night out, hire out a room or floor at the bar. It will make all the difference!

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Steven Khalil Couture | MBFWA


Take me to where the chandelier’s are!

The Steven Khalil 2018 Couture Collection Show, held on Monday 15th May as part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, blew me away!

Thousands of cascading florals, draping and incredibly stunning chandelier’s transformed the runway space into an intimate, high class ballroom, and music by DJ Sveta completed the ambience with tunes that transported to another world.

Khalil Couture - silver + black

Elegance in silver and black

Intricate beading, glistening fabrics, body-con silhouettes and full-skirt gowns created a dreamscape-like atmosphere and innocence in attitude. There was over $2million worth of custom made jewellery on the runway by Affinity Diamonds, with pieces specially tailored to suit each garment, and shoes were provided by Billini.

Backstage at Khalil

Backstage beauties!

Make-up was kept fresh and elegant, with plum-hued lips and a simple dewy cheek. Hair was swept back, with a wavy fullness to complete each look. Revlon partnered with Steven Khalil to become the show’s Beauty Partner. An elegant and timeless affair that was a favourite among many Fashion Week guests. Take me back!

Creative Fashion

Creative fashion photography

**Photography credits: Getty Images.

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MBFWA | Resort ’18

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2017

MBFWA 2017

So excited to bring you highlights from Sydney’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2017!!!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the glamour ahead:

Steven Khalil Couture

Steven Khalil Couture

Anna Lehmann fashion illustration

Fashion illustration from @annalehmann_arte

social snaps @mad_fash

Social snaps @mad_fash

Mwah! x

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5 Films that are Fashion Forward AF


From classic Hollywood films from the 50’s to edgy-prep 90’s movies, some of our most beloved looks have been featured in our all-time favourite films. There are the extravagant and theatrical looks we all dream to wear, to more basic styles that have inspired us for a night out on the town. Style icons like Cher from Clueless and Anne Hathaway’s character in The Devil Wears Prada (post-make-over), have taught us viewers at home (eating Ben & Jerry’s and curled up under a doona) some classic do’s and don’ts of their iconic fashions.

Clueless Movie

Clueless – 1995


Like seriously, my favourite! I personally love 90’s fashion – especially old-school preppy. Celeb’s like Alexa Chung and Emma Watson continuously pull-off a modern-edge to the preppy look, and it can be easily achieved by anyone. Those who secretly loved wearing a school uniform during the high school years will agree that collars, dark block colours and plaid go really well together! Take your inspiration from the school-girl look by adding a splash of tartan to your wardrobe. Call it your Burberry look.

Where to wear: Work, lunch date with friends.

The devil wears prada

The Devil Wears Prada – 2006

The Devil Wears Prada

Need I say more? Only 11 years old, this film is already a classic to those who follow fashion (or just love a good Meryl Streep movie). The film consists of fashion labels from our favourite designers, and post-makeover, Andy (Anne Hathaway) experiments with layering – very well I may add. With layering, it’s important because if you pair the right coat with the right scarf and dress and gloves, it becomes a very flattering number. In other words, you can look 3kg lighter. Now that I’ve got your attention – this is my personal fave of Hathaway’s style choices. She’s kept a basic block colour that’s known to be a go-to choice when in doubt, but put a splash of colour with some gold chains to balance out the outfits and the layers. It’s a sexy, understated look that every woman should have in their wardrobe.

Where to Wear: Art Gallery exhibition, work, dinner, drinks, work party.

Funny Face Movie

Funny Face – 1957

Funny Face

The film is basically a fashion show starring Audrey Hepburn during the excitement of the 50’s. It’s fun, colourful, daring and sensational. On an extravagant Parisian holiday, Hepburn stars in a fashion show of classic couture. Many of the dresses have inspired more relaxed styles of outfits we all wear today. This elegant number shows off the figure with a beautiful, feminine colour scheme. She kind of looks like a vintage version of Elle Woods.

Where to wear: Take inspiration for your next formal event, charity ball or anything fancy adults go to these days.

Confessions of a Shopaholic movie

Confessions of a Shopaholic – 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

This films is fun, bold and of course a little cringe. But, what I love most about the fashion is Isla Fischer’s colour combo’s. She teaches us that we can be a little daring by mixing and matching colours – especially within the warmer pallet. Legally Blonde is another film that experiments with using orange and pink and making it work. The outfits in the film are a little far out and exaggerated for your regular street wear – but that is the point of Isla Fischer standing out in the crowd with her whacky and risk-taking personality. Take inspiration by using layers like Fischer does, and mixing and matching with patterns and colours – you can still rock warm colours in winter!

Where to wear: Girl’s lunch dates, drinks, shopping.

Basic Instinct Film

Basic Instinct – 1992

Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct consists of basic fashion. In the 1992 film, Sharon Stone rocks the block colours and high neck dresses. This film has great fashion by using simplicity in colours and style choices. As the saying goes, ‘less is more’. There’s a very seductive thing about an understated black or white dress paired with a coat of the same hue. Turtle-necks are sexy too – people who say otherwise have watched too many episodes of ‘Friends’!

Where to wear: Day out in the town, work, lunch date.

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Designer | Ruth Tate Winter ’17

Fashion Style 2017

Ruth Tate Winter ’17

Sophisticated style and glamorous slow-fashion are the hallmark traits of Sydney designer Ruth Tate. The new Winter ’17 Collection is bursting with updated classics and luxurious designer fabrics. Think 100% pure wool garments, Italian leather and tweed sourced from the same place as Chanel. In a palette of black, white, red and metallic, Ruth Tate garments are comfortable to wear and effortlessly chic.

Sydney Fashion

Ruth Tate Winter ’17

Epitomising cool elegance, these designs may be dressed up or down – depending on the occasion. Each garment works just as well during the day or evening. Pair skirts and dresses with a tailored jacket in leather or tweed. Style up your garment with a feature jewel, bag or heel and you will feel instantly amazing! Young at heart and glamorous in spirit, they are the garments you want kept in your wardrobe season after season.

glamorous red designer fabric

Wide sleeves on point!

Along with an impeccable attention to detail and strong craftsmanship, Ruth Tate garments feature intricate trim detailing, motifs and embellishment. Finding inspiration in fashions the globe over, Ruth adores fashion illustration and looks to the international runways for details that pop, grabbing her attention and informing the designs in her own collections.

Elegant jacket

Updated classics

With longevity of wear in mind, Ruth reworks these details into classic cuts and simple silhouettes that do not easily date. Each design is produced in strictly limited quantities, however the designer is available for custom order requests, for those wanting the perfect fit.

Sydney designer fashion

Just chillin’

Shop online now & follow Ruth Tate on Instagram. We just know you’ll love her sophisticated designer style! x

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